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Two wishes which need maximum concentration and proper planning for children by parents are higher education and marriage.

Within no time, parents realise that their little baby have grown up and it's time for them to choose future course of their life in terms of professions they want to take. As a soon to be parent, we believe that this planning begin soon high enough after the child has arrived in the family.

Funding for your child education and marriage is one of the precious gifts you can give them and it is possible for you to do it in the most uncompromising way. This could be the best asset parents can give to their child.

Look at the figures below to get an idea of what could be the expenses like when you start to plan:

Today Average cost of Professional Courses + Tuition Fees = 10, 00,00/- p.a. After 15-17 years it may be up to 2,50,000 p.a. because of inflation.

Multiply this figure with four year bachelor course = 10, 00,000/-

Don't get nervous by these numbers. We have some Life Insurance plan which will help you planning for your child education and marriage.

Child Benefited Scheme

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  Child Vision
  • Save Rs. 99/-* Per Day....
  • Get Rs. 50000/- for SSC
  • Get Rs. 50000/- for HSC
  • Get Rs. 2,50,000/- for Higher Study
  • and.... Rs. 15,00,000/- for Marriage and Business
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  Ujjwal Bhavishya
  • Invest Rs. 8 lacs One time only...
  • Get Rs. 1,00,000/- every year for life time to your Child
  • Additional Rs. 10,00,000/- for Child Education
  • And... Rs. 17,00,000/- Lifetime cover to your child
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  KG to PG
  • Save Rs. 125/-* Per Day....
  • Get Rs. 150000/- At Child age 18
  • Get Rs. 250000/- At Child age 21
  • and.... Rs. 15,00,000/- At Child age 25
  • Inbuild Premium Waiver Benefit
  • Addition death cover Rs.1,15,000/- p.a. for family
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  Virasat : A Three Generation Plan
  • Planning is important but gifting is pleasure !!!
  • Just Save Rs.300/-* per day and... Create wealth for 3 Generation
  • 1st Generation : Rs. 20 lacs
  • 2nd Generation : Rs.1,10,000/- every year for lifetime
  • 3rd Generation : Rs. 20 lacs
  • In case of premature death : Future premium waived + 20 lacs additional to your child or Spouse
Please Note : Above all plan are combination of LIC OF India Plans
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